The warehouse is a critical space for any manufacturing business, whether it’s for storage, dispatch or both, so it’s really important that the space is organised and efficient. Choosing the right storage system from the outset makes a big difference and there are several options available to you.


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1. Mobile shelving

For complete flexibility, mobile shelving is a good choice as it’s completely adjustable. It can be great if you have definite peaks and troughs as it is designed to use less space to hold more items on rail systems, meaning there is no need for fixed aisles.

2. Static shelving

Static shelves don’t move, and work well with fast moving products where regular replenishment is standard. Products are lightweight and need to be picked by hand as static shelving is not compatible with using forklift trucks.


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3. Pallet racking

If your warehouse is larger, or especially busy, then pallet racking might be a better solution. To find pallet racking Ireland based companies like Rack Zone are experienced in building warehouse solutions and are able to offer advice on your own requirements. Pallet racking tends to be made out of plastic, metal or wood and can hold large boxes. They work with forklifts or automation.

4. Multi-tier racking

Multi-tier racking is a good combination option and works well in warehouses with high ceilings and scope for vertical storage. Store things with the heaviest at the bottom and lighter taking the space on the higher tiers paying close attention to weight limits.

5. Wire partitions

Partitioning with wire cages is another option for creating flexibility as they can be moved and even taken down completely. They are often used to store things that need extra security, or even to create temporary office space.

6. Mezzanine flooring

Another option is to move some storage onto a mezzanine floor as a space-saving option. It isn’t a cheap option, but it can be a very effective solution for some businesses.

The Small Business Chronicle has more suggestions on how to organise your warehouse.

You’ll see there are lots of options, and the scope to create something bespoke is there with careful planning, which will give you a solution that is flexible, affordable, and allows your business to fulfil its potential. Do research in advance to find the right option for your business.

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