A healthy workplace, where all employees work in a positive environment, guarantees the employer increased productivity. A healthy working environment will determine the productivity and efficiency of employees. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the employer to ensure that they provide a healthy working environment if they want increased productivity.

Employees’ motivation to work more is greatly influenced by their working environment. Remember to achieve high productivity; employees have to respect you and not fear you.

Ways of Creating a Healthy Working Environment

  • Encourage Open Communication

When you encourage open communication in your company, your employees will learn how to be honest. They will always feel comfortable tabling any issues concerning the company and help find possible solutions. Open communication also creates a good relationship among employees. However, the freedom to communicate should only be limited to work-related issues, as some employees may take advantage to gain non-work-related favours.

  • Include Employee Benefits

Employee benefits such as medical covers and housing benefits will highly motivate them to work even harder. This will make them feel appreciated in the workplace.

  • Encourages Employees to Work Together

You can weed out any toxic employees and leave out skilled workers who are willing to work with each other. This way, you will be creating a favourable environment for the remaining workers, and teamwork will be much easier.

  • Improve the Working Conditions

Your commercial property, which you can find on PropList, should have a conducive environment for your workers. Ensure there is proper lighting, enough furniture in each office and the working space should be adequate for all employees.

  • Recognise Employees Hard work and Award Excellence

Recognising excellence and hard work in employees will create a competitive environment, where each employee will try extra hard to win the award. Ensure you throw in extra benefits such as a holiday or a salary increment for the best employee.

  • Organise Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor team building activities will give employees some time off the office to relax and bond with each other. A workplace with such outings is highly likely to be very productive, and it also gives the workers the morale to keep working hard.

  • Encourage Employees to Voice their Ideas.

You will be surprised at how creative your employees are, once you give them a chance to voice their ideas on how to improve your company. Encourage them to be creative and appreciate each idea they bring to you, even if it needs some work. This way, they will feel appreciated and important in the company. You can also nurture and implement their brilliant ideas and see how successful your business will be.

  • Conclusion

The suitability of the work environment in any commercial property is a combined effort of the employees and their employers. Any building intended to house your business should be safe enough for your employees to work in, and its location should be favourable for employees to commute with ease. Take a look at the commercial property platform, PropList, to seek the perfect place for your business in the UK. To increase profits from your business, you should invest in creating a healthy working place and making the employees happy to work for you.

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