Everyone is a member of society, and living in this society needs to communicate with others. Therefore, socializing is an activity that we do every moment. Some people are good at socializing, others have obstacles, come and test what your own social barriers are.

  • If you are the boss, how would you manage the company?
  1. Discipline, emphasize high efficiency
  2. Let employees manage themselves
  3. Give others management
  • Which sport do you like
  1. Aerobic dance
  2. Treadmill
  3. Use every equipment
  • How do you Organize the suitcase
  1. Ask the family to help organize
  2. Think about what to put
  3. Write a list first, then prepare one by one
  • How do you want to have a birthday?
  1. With friends
  2. With the lover
  3. As usual

(5) If you are an actor, what rules do you have?

  1. Don’t shoot a swimsuit or underwear.
  2. Don’t take a kiss.
  3. Don’t take a naked.

Scoring Criteria

The number after each option represents the score for that option, and the total test score is calculated based on your choice:

  • A: 5 B: 0 C: 3
  • A: 5 B: 3 C: 0
  • A: 3 B: 0 C: 5
  • A: 0 B: 3 C: 5
  • A: 0 B: 3 C: 5

Test results:

20 points or above:

You are too rigid and sleek, and you have almost nothing in social relationships. Because the vast majority of people do not agree with you, you can only fight alone, face setbacks alone, no one comes back to help you.

13-19 points:

You have a person who is not confident and does not know how to be self-affirming. He is always timid and always worried about fear. You often take the words of others seriously, and you don’t know how to make fun of it.

6-12 points:

Your social circle is only better than the friends who know you soon. Once you get along for a long time, your feelings will fade. In fact, it is your inner desire to escape.

5 points or below:

Your carelessness and irresponsibility make others feel bad about you. In the eyes of others, you are a guy without integrity, no one wants to associate with you.

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